DIY Tinsel Confetti Christmas Wreath

After Christmas sales have always been the best time to shop for decorations.  With pre-planning in the year end budget, you can get some really good bargains, especially on high ticketed items.

The week after Christmas I have been able to get lights, wreaths, ornaments, ribbon, wrapping paper, candles, a pre-lit tree and home décor from 50% - 90% off depending on the item.
Some stores begin their after holiday sales on Christmas Eve, such as Big Lots or Dollar Tree.  If you wait until after the holiday you won’t be able to find anything Christmas, so it’s best to catch the deal if you can. This worked out great with the lights this year, especially since one of the rescue cats chewed through the wires. We paid around .78 cents for a set of 100 lights. (See it here.)
I was able to get in on more discounts and made this quick DIY wreath display for a middle wall between doors that simply lacked color.  If I had bought all the items at regular price it would have been around $20.00. 

Here are the items I bought:

9” cloth candy cane sparkle ribbon (1/2 inch) at Big Lots $1.00

3 Confetti wire 10” wreaths at Dollar Tree $1.50

3 Mini gold ribbon bells at Dollar Tree $1.50

Mini gold ornament balls at Dollar General (15 for $1.00)

Wooden Peg Mug Rack at Walmart $2.00

Total cost: $7.00

It didn’t actually cost that much because I only used 9 of the 15 mini ornaments and not all of the ribbon.  So I figure it cost between $6.25 - $6.50 for the wall display, and only took about 10 minutes to make.

Tools for the Craft

Hot glue gun and glue sticks
White twist ties

Hammer and one nail


How simple is this quick task?  It gave loads of color to the hallway!

Step 1 - Use the twist tie to fasten the ribbon to the wire wreath. You can use a touch of hot glue on the back to secure it, but the twist tie really works.

Step 2 – Hot glue the bells with the bow to the top part of the wreath.

Step 3 – Hot glue 3 mini ornament gold balls on the wreath.

Step 4 – Hang it anywhere!  Display wreaths on pegs.

Hang it horizontally or vertically depending on the space you have. Cup rack can be used for other items and moved easily after the holidays.
The red wreaths can be used for Valentine’s Day or any party by using other decorative items instead of the bells and ornament balls. 
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Hope you enjoyed another Favored Craft of mine!
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  1. What a beautiful decoration and a lovely low budget diy craft! Very creative indeed. I don't put up a lot of wreaths inside our home, but I do love one on the front door. This would be the perfect front door wreath. The tinsel would sparkle and if it got a little wind blown, it would still be pretty.


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