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Psalm Stained Glass Coloring Book price
Coloring is no longer something that we need to stop doing in grade school.  As a matter of fact, coloring is now acceptable for any age.  That was good news to me since I’ve never stopped coloring in the first place. 

Did you know that out of the top ten books for adults on Amazon, five of them were coloring books?  Why are they so popular?  Besides the fact that they connect us to our inner child and to the art world, there are scientific studies that show how coloring can be very therapeutic. 

There’s a new trend that is backed by statistics showing that adult coloring books aid to a healthy mind and body. The physical act of coloring actually calms the fear center in your brain allowing you to relax. 

Studies proved that coloring helps dementia and Alzheimer patients stay engaged with those around them. It can lower blood pressure, ward off depression, calms or relieves stress and trains the brain to stay focused. 

Color the Names of God: An Adult Coloring Book for Your Soul
Sample page from
Color the Names of God
Research has also shown that adults who use coloring therapy on a regular basis reduce symptoms of treatment in cancer patients. 

Learning all this information had me searching for coloring books online and in the local stores.  Finally I found some in the Christian market that I thought were worth sharing.
You will enjoy coloring the designs with scripture blessings on each page.  Perforated pages for easy removal and sharing.  When finished use them in scrap books, unique gift tags, bookmarkers, creating your own cards or frame them for your own pleasure.
Select from over 200 coloring books when you click on any of the links. Type "Adult Coloring Books" in the search box.

Color the Psalms: An Adult Coloring Book for Your Soul
Psalm Coloring Book Price
Psalms Stained Glass Coloring Book  -     By: Jessica Mazurkiewicz
Psalms Stained Glass Coloring Book price

Color the Names of God: An Adult Coloring Book for Your Soul  -     By: Dugan Terry
Color the Names of God price

Color the Promises of God: An Adult Coloring Book for Your Soul  -     By: Lori Siebert
Coloring the Promises of God price

Inspiring Words: 30 Verses from the Bible You Can Color   -
Inspiring Words Coloring Book price
Patchwork of the Heart - Adult Coloring Book: Color Quilting Patterns and Scenes of Amish Life  -
Patchwork of the Heart price
Beloved Scriptures Coloring Book for Adults   -
Beloved Scripture Coloring Book price
Bible Blessings & Promises, Coloring Book for Adults   -
Bible Blessings & Promises price
Coloring Cards
Be Still and Know That I Am God, Coloring Book For Adults

Coloring Cards - Colorful Blessings

Colorful Blessings Coloring Cards Price

Thomas Kinkade Adult Coloring Book

Quality Coloring Pencils & Supplies

Maybe you don’t know the Living God that I know, but would like to have this kind of favor in your life also.  Click on the above tab “Tell Me” for more information on becoming a child of the Savior.

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