Southern Bell Quilting Clubs

"Old Time Music Style"
Keeping Heritage Alive through Quilting 

Quilting may have been part of the past, but it is quickly making a big come back. Competition is great and these talented sewers gather from all over the world for some of the biggest shows of the year. 

When I was a teenager there was a quilting or "Sewing Circle" at our church. Ladies would gather once a week to work on quilts for missionaries. I would watch, but never attempted to work on the quilt. So I never learned. 

Even though I am not a grandmother, I’d like to share with you a little bit of the Southern Belle Grandmothers Clubs of America handiwork, along with my first attempt at quilting. 

Take a look at the beautiful artwork on each piece and see if you could select a winner. You may also enjoy viewing the Basic Quilting for Beginners and International Quilters Conventions videos.   

National Quilting Day is always celebrated the third Saturday in March. 


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  1. Beautiful. I finally finished a bed cover I started quilting two years ago, all by hand. I am resting now but the design of this quilt you display here is so beautiful.


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