Who is Favored1?

Award from So Crafty Magazine
I won in 2013.
Thank you for visiting my site.  I'd like to share a little bit about myself.

First I'm a born again Christian and that outlines what I do in life. Everything I do evolves around who I am in the Lord, and that is "favored."

I have had many opportunities to do things over the years, which gives me insight to what I write about in my teachings and books.
In short: - wife - lover of God's great outdoors - woman of creativity - mommy to wonderful pets - teacher of the handicapped - ordained minister - Praise & Worship Pastor - Christian counselor - writer & published author - music lover - garden and flowers lover.
I love laughing, singing, animals, gardening, volunteering and being with friends and family.
Christmas, Christmas, Christmas is my passion. Giving gifts to anyone makes me smile. Trying new things excites me and brings me joy.
I appreciate you so much.  Come back often, bring friends!
Until next time, stay blessed and favored!

Favored Blessings ~ Fay

Maybe you don’t know the Living God that I know, but would like to have favor in your life also.  Click on the above tab “Tell Me” for more information on becoming a child of the Savior.

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Any scripture reference if used is from the New King James Bible Version provided by Gateway Bible.
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